Roberts Creek Park

Hunting at Roberts Creek Park

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 The 500 acres of public hunting available at Roberts Creek Park are located in two separate parts of the park, 420 acres are located on the north side of the park adjacent on both sides of Dubuque Drive and 80 acres are located in the southeast portion of the park at the junction of Fillmore Drive and Hwy G28. Both areas consist of open grassland areas surrounded by oak/hickory timbers. Game animals that inhabit these areas include White Tailed Deer, Turkey, Pheasants, Squirrel, Rabbit along with other fur bearing animals. Click on the Roberts Creek Park Map link below to see the public hunting boundaries and locations.

Roberts Creek Park Map


Accessible at any time of the year. All activities, hunting seasons and game limits are based on current year regulations as set by the Iowa DNR for public game management areas.