Refilling of Green Castle Lake

Posted:9/8/2014 Marshall / Green Castle Recreation Area

The refiling of Green Castle Lake has begun!  Fish that have been stocked should be of a keepable size by Spring, so we encourage the public to refrain from fishing the lake until Spring 2015.  Large mouth bass, channel catfish, and bluegills have been stocked in the lake so far. 

Sometimes the public tries to “help” with stocking public bodies of water. It is illegal to do so, with reason. If a species is introduced at the wrong time, like the above mentioned crappie, or a wrong species itself, we could be back to square one with a fishery out of balance and unproductive. No minnows are allowed for use as bait in Green Castle for the same reason. If a minnow is inadvertently released and it turns out to be just a small rough fish, again, the balance can be thrown out of balance. Please resist the temptation to help the restocking program out by bringing in fish and releasing them.