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Tubing Hill

25601 C60, P.O. Box 1033
Ph: 712-947-4270
Hinton, IA, 51024
The tubing hill is located on the south side of Hillview Recreation Area and is equip with an automatic pulley system so that you do not have to walk back up the hill! Your fee of $5.00 covers both the lift pass and the tube. The tubing hill is also open for rentals. A private tubing hill rental has a $100 minimum charge which includes tubes for 20 people, there is a $5 fee for every person over 20. You may rent the tubing hill if there are less then 20 people attending, but it will still cost $100. Private rentals are for two hours on weeknights (Monday through Friday) such as 6-8 pm or from 7-9 pm. We are only able to accept 2 private rentals per week. 


Hillview Recreation Area, just west of Hinton. The physical address is 25601 C60, Hinton, IA, 51024. 


Hours of Operation & Seasons

The hill is open from 1-5 pm Saturdays and Sundays beginning December 1st and closing the last day of February. The tubing hill only operates when there is an appropriate amount of snow. If you have questions about the tubing hill being open, please call us at (712) 947-4270.  Closures for the 2016/2017 tubing season are December 23-26 so staff can be with their families and January 2, 2017.


Tubing hill is closed when there is not sufficient snow.