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Celebrate the finest county park system in the country with us this summer! We have partnered with the Iowa Tourism Office to feature 99 of our 2,024 county parks - one in each of Iowa's 99 Counties. Follow the links below for more information about the major fun aspects of of this statewide rolling festival of all that is great within our county park system

Visit the 99 PARKS / 99 COUNTIES web page on the Iowa Tourism Website: https://www.traveliowa.com/99parks/
This is the official web page for the 2019 99 PARKS / 99 COUNTIES celebration of Iowa's County Park System

"SELFIE WITH US!" - Selfie Station Information in 76 Counties: https://www.mycountyparks.org/selfie-with-us-in-2019.html
See how many Selfie Stations you can find across Iowa's 99-county park system!

Interactive statewide map
with ALL 99 PARKS: https://www.traveliowa.com/99parksmap/
This map highlights the featured park in each of Iowa's 99 counties.

DOWNLOAD listing of ALL 99 PARKS: https://www.traveliowa.com/userdocs/99_Parks_Checklist.pdf
Need a checklist of ALL 99 Parks by region? Check 'em off as you make your way around the state of Iowa this summer!

99 PARKS FAMILY FUN GUIDE & More: https://www.traveliowa.com/getinspireddetails/99-parks-family-fun-guide-and-more/354/
Family Fun Pack, "Get Moving" Guide, Fishing 101 Guide, Car Fun Pack, Cam[ping & Picnic Recipe Booklet, Something for Educators!