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Natural Resource Manager

Posted 01/11/2019
County Hardin
Location Ackley ,Iowa
Salary $45,000
Deadline 02/08/2019





Natural Resource Manager

Position Description Summary:

This job is an exempt permanent full time position under the direction of the Conservation Director. The Natural Resource Manager performs a wide variety of professional, technical, and field duties including but not limited to; natural resource management, park and facility maintenance, and program administration.

Education and Experience Requirements:

Bachelor’s Degree in wildlife, forestry, agriculture or other applicable field; and at least two (2) years of natural resource field experience.

Special Certification Requirements:

Qualified applicants must possess, or be able to obtain the following certifications:

·         A valid Iowa Class B Commercial Driver’s License with air brake endorsement.

·         A valid Iowa Department of Agriculture Pesticide Applicator Certification.

·         Minimum wild land fire training of NWCG S-130/190, S131, S290 certification.

·         Arc view GIS,  Pictometry, and GPS mapping.

Primary Job Responsibilities and Duties:

·         Develop and assess short and long term natural resource management strategies for the county’s parks and programs.

·         Apply natural resource management practices on both public and private land including, but not limited to:

o   Prescribed burning

o   Planting native grasses, food plots, trees and shrubs

o   Mowing and applying chemicals

o   Implementing new practices, long range planning

o   Timber stand improvement

·         Build, repair, and maintain park and conservation area facilities.

·         Perform general park maintenance tasks such as vegetation control and removing debris and refuse.

·         Report/repair safety hazards.

·         Provide assistance and information to the public and park visitors.

·         Provide technical assistance on natural resource management techniques to landowners and organizations.

·         Administer the department’s private land habitat program by:

o   Contacting and working with landowners to develop natural resource management strategies

o   Maintaining spray records and ensuring contract compliance

o   Compiling and presenting reports

·         Operate and perform regular maintenance on trucks, tractors, and specialized equipment.

·         Supervise temporary work crews and the Conservation Tech position.

·         Develop and enhance working relationships with other public and private resource organizations.

·         Develop and provide public information and workshops related to habitat and wildlife species.

·         Attend relevant workshops and meetings related to natural resource management to stay informed of current trends and methods.

·         Administer the department’s Prescribed Fire program by keeping records, lining up training opportunities for staff and continuing to acquire                Fire Certifications 

·         Assist in development of promotional and education material using both print and digital media.

·         Seek grant program opportunities and write grant applications.

·         Inspect, map, and certify land enrolled in Forest Reserve Program.

·         Perform duties in rough terrain and in extreme hot or cold temperatures.

·         Work occasional weekends, holidays, irregular hours, and night shifts as needed.

·         Perform other duties as assigned.

Required Knowledge, Experience, Abilities, and Skills:

·         Considerable knowledge of conservation principles and practices.

·         Ability to identify trees, shrubs, flowers, fish, reptiles, birds and other wildlife common to Iowa.

·         Extensive working knowledge of wildlife and habitat management goals, objectives, and techniques, ecological principles, and species’ life                 histories and habitat needs.

·         Extensive  knowledge and experience using prescribed fire.

·         Extensive experience with hand and power tools, farm equipment and machinery.

·         Ability to express oneself clearly and concisely, both in writing and orally.

·         Ability and willingness to speak publicly, give presentations, and teach various courses.

·         Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with members of civic and sportsman’s groups, other agencies, departmental staff and the general public.

·         Ability to interpret and effectively apply policy, procedure, rules and regulations relative to conservation practices.

·         Knowledge of, and willingness and ability to effectively use technology Arcview GIS and Pictometry.

Salary and Benefits:

·         $45,000.00

·         Required 90 day probationary period.

·         Standard county health and life insurance benefits as well as uniform allowance.

·         FLSA status: Exempt


Education and Experience Requirements:
Bachelor’s Degree in wildlife, forestry, agriculture or other applicable field; and at least two (2) years of natural resource field experience.
Special Certification Requirements:

To Apply
Send cover letter, resume, references and an official Hardin County Application to Wes Wiese, Director of Hardin County Conservation, 15537 S. Ave Ackley, IA 50601 or call for more information (Hardin County is an Equal Opportunity Employer)

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