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Environmental Education Coordinator

Posted 02/01/2023
County Fayette
Location Fayette ,Iowa
Salary $21.78/hr plus county benefits
Deadline 02/17/2023


The purpose of this position is to develop, organize, and present the county conservation board's environmental education program.  Educates the public about the county's natural environment and promotes environmental responsibility and stewardship by presenting programs in schools, at county facilities and other public settings.  Maintains displays and buildings and provides visitor services associated with the environmental program.  

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Plans, schedules and delivers environmental programs

Develops and reviews curriculum for each grade level for school programs and plans appropriate activities

Educates teachers on environmental topics

Produces audio-visual programs, creates displays, and prpares educational materials

Publicize county conservation through news and social media releases and website updates

Design and prepare interpretive exhibits and trails

Promote public awareness and education through public interaction

Recruit presenters for environmental education programs and camps

Mainains records required by IDNR and USFW

Recruits, trains, schedules and evaluates work of volunteers and staff

* A full job description and application is available at the Fayette County Conservation office, 18673 Lane Rd, Fayette, IA 52142 or contact


Two year college degree and one year experience in a natural resource, conservation or education field. A valid driver's license.

To Apply
Send Fayette County Application, cover letter, and resume to Fayette County Conseration, 18673 Lane Rd.Fayette, iA 52142

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