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Posted 02/07/2020
County Des Moines
Location Burlington ,Iowa
Salary $39,254
Deadline 03/06/2020


A minimum of a bachelor’s degree with major coursework in natural resources, outdoor recreation, education or other applicable field. A strong mix of academics and pertinent work experience is preferred.


  • Develops, plans and delivers environmental education and interpretive in-class and outdoor programs for various groups including school classes, handicapped, at-risk and senior citizens.
  • Develops, plans and conducts special events, seminars, workshops, public information programs, and classes for the general public.
    Teaches summer youth programs for pre-school and school-age children.
  • Assists teachers in planning and implementing conservation and environmental education activities.
  • Maintains the nature center’s live animal exhibits and cares for the animals contained therein which include various amphibians, reptiles, and arachnids. Uses live animals in education programs.
  • Designs and creates interpretive and promotional displays for the nature center.
  • Assists in developing information brochures, resource materials, exhibits, displays and other educational materials for educators, students and nature center visitors.
  • Promotes Des Moines County Conservation and its programs through the mass media, social media, website and other methods.
  • Provides training for students, volunteers and other employees assigned to the environmental education program.
  • Helps maintain, operate and schedule programs and events at Starr’s Cave Nature Center.
  • Regularly works irregular hours including evenings, nights, weekends and holidays.
  • Performs other related work as the need is identified.


  • Considerable knowledge of conservation principles and practices.
  • Ability to identify trees, shrubs, flowers, fish, reptiles, birds and other wildlife common to Iowa.
  • Extensive working knowledge of wildlife and habitat management goals, objectives and techniques, ecological principles, and species’ life histories and habitat needs.
  • Experience with various recreation activities including: canoeing, backpacking, bicycling, hiking, orienteering, archery, firearms safety, hunting, trapping, boating, etc.
  • Basic knowledge of farming and proper land management techniques.
  • Basic knowledge of park, trail, and conservation area management principles.
  • Ability to comprehend, analyze, interpret and explain conservation laws, principles and practices.
  • Ability to integrate environmental education goals and objectives with current trends in educational methods and curriculum delivery.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers and the public.
  • Ability to prepare and deliver information to local media outlets including print, radio, television and online sources.
  • Knowledge of, and willingness and ability to effectively use technology related to the position including personal computers, laptops, mobile devices and associated software.


  • Starting annual salary: $39,254 during six-month probationary period; 2% step increase following qualifying performance review at end of probationary period.
  • Standard county health and life insurance benefits as well as uniform allowance.Employee at will
    FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

Complete position description available at

To apply, submit cover letter and resume with references to:
Kelly Rundell, Environmental Education Manager
Des Moines County Conservation
Starr's Cave Nature Center
11627 Starr's Cave Rd.
Burlington, IA 52601
or via email to

Deadline: Applications must be postmarked on or before May 18, 2018.

Ideal candidate will have a combination of education and experience delivering interpretive programs to school groups and the public.

To Apply
Submit cover letter and resume with references to Kelly Rundell, Environmental Education Manager
Des Moines County Conservation - Starr's Cave Nature Center
11627 Starr's Cave Rd.
Burlington, IA 52601
or via email to

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