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Conservation Technician

Posted 03/28/2024
County Wapello
Location Bloomfield ,Iowa
Salary $20.49 an hour


Conservation Technician

1.      Definition

a.      Works under the general supervision of the Operation Supervisor. Worker will be directly involved in land management involving area natural resources. Will need to understand ecological principles and be proficient in the operation and maintenance of equipment used in maintaining WCCB facilities and property.

b.      For the purpose of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) the Conservation Technician will be classified as a “Non-Executive Employee”. 

c.       At times, required to work non-standard work week that may include nights, weekends, holidays and overtime.


2.      Duties and Responsibilities

a.      Assists in developing area management plans while having the expertise and knowledge to effectively implement plans. Ability to carry out “best management practices” dependent on existing conditions and circumstances.

b.      Assists in planning, developing, and managing habitat improvement projects that include prairie restoration, savanna management, woodland management, and wetland management.

c.       Assists in area maintenance work such as but not limited to: repair of buildings, tables, fireplaces, developed grounds, boat docks, roads, parking lots, multiple-use trails/interpretive trail systems, restrooms, boundary fences, signage, landscaping, and erosion control structures.

d.      Operates a large variety of equipment such as trucks, tractors, skid loaders, mowers, brush cutters, chain saws, fire-fighting equipment, power tools, attrition mills, and fan mills.

e.      Operates appropriate equipment to carry out brush and weed control. Uses hand tools and power tools on projects.

f.        Keeps current in safety and maintenance operations through attendance at meetings, conferences, and workshops.

g.      Instructs seasonal staff in the safe and correct use of motorized equipment and power tools on projects.

h.      Plants trees, shrubs, and other herbaceous plants on public and private property using equipment and techniques applicable to the site.

i.        Conducts prescribed burns on public and private property.

j.        Assists other staff with preparing and performing special projects and programs.

k.       Assists with display development projects at Pioneer Ridge Nature Center.

l.        Routinely meets with the pubic providing information on areas, programs, rules, and regulations. Able to collect necessary fees for park services. Provides assistance and other services as required.

m.    Provides for the safety of park and area users and administers first aid in case of accidents.

n.      Works closely with local law enforcement agencies to enforce laws and regulations pertaining to the operation of county recreation areas.

o.      Assists in maintaining use records, maintenance records, management records, and preparing reports.

p.      Assists in the upkeep of existing facilities including routine cleaning and organization of county equipment.

q.       Must be able to supervise and train seasonal workers, community service workers and volunteers.

r.       Assists in evaluating changes in recreation user groups and offering program changes and recommendations to accommodate changing public needs.

s.       Shall perform other duties as instructed by the Director.

t.        Employee serves at will of Wapello County Conservation Board.


The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work performed by people assigned to this job. They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all skills, effort, responsibilities and working conditions required of people assigned to this job.


3.      Knowledge, Ability, and Skills:

a.      Working knowledge in the management of forests, prairies, savannas, and wetlands. Must keep current on recent research in order to apply best management practices to a wide range of environmental management challenges.

b.      Knowledgeable of plant and animal communities. Must be able to identify common plants, animals, birds, and animals and understand their basic habitat and spatial requirements.

c.       Must be able to recognize and identify non-native invasive plant species and apply methods of control.

d.       Basic knowledge of computers.

e.      Knowledgeable in the operation of heavy equipment, gas-powered equipment, and hand tools to accomplish management objectives.

f.        Knowledgeable in basic construction, electrical and plumbing techniques.

g.      Knowledgeable in basic repair of vehicles, equipment, and small tools.

h.      Able to communicate positively and effectively with the public and staff both orally and in writing on a wide range of environmental issues and county conservation programs.

i.        Have the knowledge, dedication, and desire to develop and implement conservation programs that benefit Wapello County resources and citizens.

j.        Have basic knowledge of government programs impacting public and private land management.

k.       Have basic knowledge of state laws and regulations pertaining to all public property.

l.        Able to enforce regulations as required.

m.    Able to prioritize, plan, assign, and supervise work of seasonal employees.

n.      Able to help plan major/minor projects impacting WCCB facilities and properties.

o.      Able to use independent judgement to solve problems associated with maintenance projects.

p.      Able to coordinate workers on multiple jobs at one time, to modify and adapt procedures to meet the evolving conditions of each job.

q.      Able to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers.

r.       Able to observe and correct defects and malfunctions in equipment.

s.       Able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

t.        Able to efficiently assemble information and present to groups with a wide range of interest levels and age.

u.      Able to establish and maintain positive public relations, answer inquiries, and provide information.

v.       Able to handle visitor complaints or emergency conditions courteously and responsibly and to be respectful of differing opinions.

w.     Able to withstand manual labor and work outside under all types of weather conditions and be exposed to periodic dust, fumes, and loud noises.

x.       Able to perform strenuous tasks such as routine bending, flexing, and lifting up to 75 lbs.

y.       Able to implement woodworking skills in making creative area and interpretive signs.


4.      Education and Experience:

a.      High school diploma or equivalent required. Associate degree in a natural resource related field is acceptable, or one to three years of experience in a related field, or the equivalent combination of training and experience which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities. Bachelor’s degree in resource management field preferred.

b.      Maintain basic knowledge in computer operation.


5.      Special Requirements:

a.      Must acquire and maintain a valid Commercial Pesticide Applicators License.

b.      Must acquire and maintain a current Commercial Driver’s License with air brake endorsement.

c.       Must acquire and maintain a current First Aid and CPR certification.

d.      Must maintain other licenses required to operate WCCB equipment.


6.      Base Salary Range:

a.      Salary is $20.49 an hour with the steps beginning at 6 months of employment. 

Associate degree in a natural resource field, or 1-3 years relevant experience, or combination of training and experience which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities. Bachelor's degree preferred.

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