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Campground Attendant - Spruce Creek

Posted 01/12/2021
County Jackson
Location Bellevue ,Iowa
Salary to be determined


Campground Attendant Job Description Spruce Creek Park    

1.    Job Duties.

A. Attendant is responsible for the registration of campers and transient boaters at Spruce Creek Park.  Attendant shall collect all camping/docking fees and maintain accurate records of campground use.  Attendant shall assist campers/boaters in locating camping/docking sites, providing information about the campground, and assuring that the campground receipts are filled out correctly.  Attendant shall present all campground receipts to the JCCB Director or representative on a weekly basis at a site to be determined by the JCCB Director.  

B.  Attendant shall maintain the shower building and pit latrine within the campground.  These facilities will be cleaned daily including the following:

1. Debris, paper, and other litter will be placed in the refuse containers.

2.  Floors, toilet seats and bowls, urinals, shower stalls, and sinks  shall be scrubbed with disinfectant chemical.  All mirrors                            shall be cleaned daily with a window cleaner.  All walls and other areas shall be scrubbed and cleaned as needed.

3.  Toilet paper supplies shall be checked at least twice daily and restocked as needed.

4.  All cobwebs, insect debris, or other items will be removed as needed.

5.  All hazardous material such as broken glass or sharp objects will be removed immediately.

6.  All shower stalls shall be scrubbed with an iron stain remover at  least once in every two-week period.  

C.  Attendant is responsible for selling firewood to campers.  Attendant will be present daily at 7:00 P.M. to sell firewood to campers.  Attendant can use their discretion as to selling firewood at other times of the day.  No firewood shall be sold after 9:00 P.M. each evening.  All proceeds from the firewood sales shall be recorded and presented weekly with the campground receipts.  

D.  Attendant is responsible for the general inspection of the campground area.  All litter shall be picked up and placed in the refuse container.  The playground area will be inspected daily for hazardous material and damaged equipment.  Camping pads will be inspected daily for hazardous conditions including hanging limbs, broken glass, or other items which may cause harm to visitors or visitor equipment.  Bulletin boards will be inspected daily for damage or missing information.  Picnic tables will be inspected for damaged legs or boards.  Any damaged facilities or items in need of repair will be reported to the JCCB staff as soon as possible.  

E.    Attendant will provide and live in a self-contained recreational vehicle which shall be placed in the campground area for the entire term of this contract.  This recreational vehicle shall be kept in a clean and sanitary manner.  Fold down trailers, pickup campers, converted buses, or tents are not acceptable.  This recreational vehicle shall be placed at a site designated by the JCCB representative and shall not be placed on the site prior to 1 week before the term of this contract nor allowed to remain on the site longer than 2 weeks after the expiration of this contact.  Additional length of stay may be approved by the JCCB Director.  

F.    Attendant shall be present at the Spruce Creek Park for a period of not less than 4 hours per day for cleaning, camper registration, and firewood sales.  This will include all weekends and holidays.  Attendant is required to stay in the campground during the evening unless prior notice is given to JCCB staff or their representative.  Attendant shall conduct a complete tour of the campground area each morning at approximately 9:00 A.M. to register late arrivals and again in the evening at approximately 6:00 P.M. to assist with camper registration.  Attendant must be present at the firewood area at 7:00 P.M. each evening to sell firewood.  

G.    Attendant shall present themselves in a kind and courteous manner to all visitors in the park.  Any disturbances shall be reported to the JCCB staff or their representative.  Attendant shall follow all rules and regulations according to State of Iowa and the JCCB.  Attendant shall ensure that all campers follow all State of Iowa and JCCB rules and regulations.  Attendant shall not conduct any law enforcement activities; however, all violations shall be reported to the JCCB staff or their representative as soon as possible.  

H.    Attendant shall dress in an appropriate manner including a shirt provided by the JCCB, pants, shorts, slacks, or trousers, and shoes.  Attendant is not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages while on duty nor present themselves in a manner unbecoming of their position nor to discredit themselves or the JCCB.  

Possess your own recreational camping unit to stay at the campground for the summer season, basic book keeping and accounting skills, excellent customer service skills, ability to communicate issues with conservation staff and clean restrooms.

To Apply
Please send your application, resume and bid sheet to or to 18670 63rd St. Maquoketa IA 52060
Positions open until filled.

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