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Posted 03/13/2019
County Polk
Location GRANGER ,Iowa
Salary $16.75-$17.75
Deadline 04/07/2019

  1. Performs a variety of tasks in connection with the operation/maintenance of green infrastructure within the county park system including but not limited to invasive species removal, prairie planting, wetland restoration, grounds keeping, and rain garden maintenance; assists in the use of prescribed fire.
  2. Plants, propagates, cultivates, prunes, waters, fertilizes and spays plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, and other vegetation; transplants various plant materials; prepares soil mixtures; labels, maps and inventories various plant collections and applies growth regulates; sows seeds and plant cuttings.
  3. Cuts and trims grass, trees and shrubs using hand and power tools; performs weed control, edging, mulching, and removal of vegetation within landscaped areas; detects/identifies pest infestations and disease problems; performs chemical applications of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers for control of noxious weeds, invasive species, and broad-based weed control.
  4. Coordinates native seed collection efforts and proper storage of seeds collected; collects, enters and analyzes vegetation data to evaluate management effectiveness related to weed control, plant disease, and native plant restoration.
  5. Operates mowers, edgers, weed-eaters, brush cutters and other gardening tools; cleans/maintains equipment.
  6. Participate in field work which involves botanical, and wetland resources; may assist with prairie and wetlands restoration/ enhancement; may monitor/survey condition of natural resources for various parks.
  7. Monitors/evaluates ground/premises for safety hazards; takes immediate action in reporting/correcting any possible hazards.
  8. Prepares/maintains records/reports including daily work order activity, and spray records.
  9. Performs related duties as assigned.

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