Trails in Audubon County

Posted:12/28/2017 Audubon

The Audubon County Conservation Board owns a few different trails for all to enjoy!  Weather you like riding your bike on a paved surface or taking your chance at hiking there is a few options to choose from.  The majority of Audubon Counties trails are primarily at Littlefield Recreation Area.  Each side of Littlefield Recreation Area has a separate trail on it.   The North side is primarily open fields where you can walk right along side the lake.  Where as the West, South, and South East trails of the park you will find your self in the midst of quite a few acres of timber.  Last but not least on the East side of the park across the road viewers will find themselves walking along side of a wetland!  So if you are wanting to get out and take a hike come on out to Littlefield!

 Oh....and who can forget one of Audubon Counties most popular trails, the " T-bone trail!"  This trail is all paved and stretches almost all the way from Atlantic to Audubon!  If biking is your forte than this is the trail for you!  Even if you aren't into biking it is quite the walking trail as well!  

 Regardless of what your are after there is a trail for everyone in Audubon County so come on out and enjoy the day!  ​