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2022 Phenology Calendar

2022 Phenology Calendars will be available late November 2021.

Cost is $10. You can purchase at the gift shop at the Hurstville Interpretive Center - open weekdays 9:00-4:00. 

Or you can purchase online. Cost is $12 ($10 + $2 shipping). Click 'Donate Now' and under amount choose 'Other' and type in 12. Fill out the rest of the information and upon receipt we will mail you the calendar. 


Have you ever kept track of when hummingbirds return in the spring to visit your feeders or when you saw the last of the orioles in the fall? Have you noted when the flowers in your yard bloom each year? You are using nature’s calendar! Phenology is the study of periodic plant and animal life cycle events and how they are influenced by seasonal variations in climate, as well as habitat factors. When apple trees bloom, when a swan builds its nest and when leaves turn colors in the fall are all animal and plant cycles that are influenced by seasonal changes.

Keeping track allows us to note changes to the “normal” patterns for the timing of things year after year. Phenology is a key component of life on earth. Many birds time their nesting so that eggs hatch when insects are available to feed nestlings. Likewise, insect emergence is often synchronized with leaf out in host plants. For some people, earlier flowering means earlier allergies. Farmers and gardeners need to know the schedule of plant and insect development to decide when to apply fertilizers and pesticides and when to plant to avoid frosts.

Jackson County Naturalists have been keeping track of nature’s calendar in Eastern Iowa. Order one today! All proceeds go to Friends of Jackson County Conservation habitat restoration fund. 

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