Millrock School

Education at Millrock School

This limestone rock building was built in 1867 and is typical of the one-room schools that once dotted the countryside. The school served the town of Mill Rock until 1910.


Millrock School is located 1.5 miles south of Baldwin on county road 53rd Avenue.

Jackson County Conservation
18670 63rd Street
Maquoketa, IA 52060
(563) 652-3783


Millrock School is a one-room schoolhouse that sites on a 1-acre historic site.  The school is filled with items that are common of its time period; desks, chairs, books, lunch pails, an antique victrola, wood burning stove, and more.  There are even two outhouses on site!

If you class or group is interested in visiting this schoolhouse, contact the Jackson County Conservation environmental education to set up a time and date.  The Jackson County Retired Teachers have volunteered their time in giving groups a feel for what it was like to go to a one-room school. 


Tours of the facility are available upon request.  Contact the conservation office to set up a tour or program at Millrock School.