Nature Connect

Nature Connect: SCC's Service Assistance Program

Posted:12/23/2020 Story

Nature Connect is SCC's new Service Assistance Program

Qualifying households can now receive 50% off:

  • Nature camps at McFarland Park
  • Environmental education programs
  • Camping at Hickory Grove Park, Dakins Lake, and Robison Wildlife Acres
  • Shelter reservations

How do I get assistance? Call Mid-Iowa Community Action 515-956-3333 to verify need and receive your discount code. 

Can I donate to the program? Yes! Your donation provides people opportunities to connect with nature that they might not have otherwise. Any amount of support is welcome.

$20 supports a weekend camping
$40 sponsors a child at overnight camp
$100 sponsors five children at day camp

Your donation will be made available to those who service assistance eligibility has been verified by Mid-Iowa Community Action.

To donate, click here or the picture below.