Cedar River Watershed Coalition

Posted:8/22/2012 Buchanan / Fontana Park

"Not a spring of a creek can be touched without affecting the interests of every man who cultivates the soil in the region." John Wesley Powell spoke these words many years ago however they still ring true today. The Cedar River Watershed Project is designed to educate people from urban and rural areas alike that their actions toward the land have consequences either positive or negative on the downstream area.

The Cedar River Watershed Project is a project organized by 20+ county conservation boards along the Cedar River Watershed in Iowa.   The theme for this project is “We Are All In This Together”. One of the goals of the project is to teach that the solution for watershed management does not lie in one group or organization. We must come and work together for a positive solution to watershed management and maintenance.

For more information please visit the following website:

Cedar River Watershed Website

If you are interested in having a presentation please contact either (319) 636-2617 or bccbdan@iowatelecom.net