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Lake Icaria


Can we camp in winter?

Camping is allowed year round at accessible camp sites. Restrooms and fish cleaning stations are winterized and shut down from mid October to mid April. The water at full service sites may be turned off at any time depending on cold weather. We also recommend RV hoses not be connected to hydrants in below freezing temperatures. There is minimal snow removal so plan accordingly. Winter rates apply during this time... first come, first serve self check-in at $20/night or one coupon for one night for any accessible site.

We also have 6 cabins and 2 cottages open year round.

Where is the campground?

Two campgrounds are located on the south side of the lake ... east of Hwy 148 onto 183rd St:

Timber Ridge Campground is located north of 183rd St on Juniper Ave. ON-LINE RESERVATIONS TAKEN FOR THIS CAMPGROUND ONLY. First Come, First Serve for all unreserved sites.

Lake View Campground and Cabins is located north of 183rd St on Kale Ave. ALL SITES ARE FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. No campsite reservations taken. Cabins are reserved on-line.

We have 49 Full Service (sewer, water, electric), 23 electric/water sites, 58 electric sites and 24 non-electric tent sites.

What are the camping, cabin and cottage rates?

First come, first serve camp site prices per night are as follows: Full Service (electric, water and sewer) - $30; Electric with water - $27; Electric - $25 and Non Electric Tent are $15.

On-line reservation prices are $5 per night per site higher than first come, first serve for weekends and holidays. On-line only, midweek reservation discount rates of $20 to $25 per night per site starting January 1, 2022 for Timber Ridge Campground. All reservations have a $4 per facility processing fee added.

Winter camping (October 1 to April 30); First come, first serve only for all campsites (no reservations taken): $20 per night or one coupon for 1 nights

Cabins sleep 6 comfortably and range in price from $85 per night for sleeping cabins to $135 per night for full service cabins.

Cottages sleep 10 comfortably and are $1800 per week Memorial Weekend through Labor Day Weekend  OR  $300 per night after Labor Day weekend to Memorial Weekend.

What are camping coupons?

Lake Icaria is an Adams County managed park that offers discount camping coupons for sale by contacting the Park Office or from Park Staff. A book of 14 numbered coupons sells for $280 and they are used onsite only (can not be used on-line for reservations). Each coupon is worth $25 per night towards any RV campsite whether you are staying just 1 night or 14. They do not need to be used consecutively.  

We Do Not accept any other camping coupons.

General Questions

Why do I have trouble navigating this website?

Try changing your browser to Firefox or Chrome. Internet Explorer has trouble on this site at times. Clean out your cookies. You may also need to use a PC and not your phone.

How do I set up a user account with My County Parks?

 You will need an account to make reservations. Keep your username and password somewhere it won't be lost... For security, the system will not let you use the same name, address or email to create another account if you have one already with that name, address or email.

Go to

1) Click on the "Login" link at the top right corner.

2) "Create an Account" on the right side of screen

3) Enter a username: your first and last, ie JohnDoe, or whatever you want.

4) Enter a password: your first 3 of last name and last 4 of phone #, ie Doe1234, or whatever you want as long as there is one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one number and it is between 6-8 characters long.

5) Enter all personal info. Make sure all red asterisk boxes are complete.

6) Select the county (Adams).

7) Check or uncheck the box to receive e-updates.

8) Click Create Account.

Is there a park entrance fee?

There are NO entrance or user fees for any Adams County Conservation areas.

Where is swimming allowed?

Swimming from shore is allowed in the roped in area of the beach ONLY. You may swim from your boat anywhere on the lake but it is advised you stay out of the ski zone for leisure swimming. All swimming and water sport is at your own risk.


Where do I park in the campground?

Parking is in designated parking lots or on your camping pad with 2 wheels on the gravel of your site pad. NO parking on or along the roadways or solely on the grass of your site in the campgrounds. Boat trailers ONLY may be parked in the grass at your site. Visitor and extra parking is available throughout the park.

Reserving a Facility

How do I get a list of available facilities for a specific date?

1) Click on the "Make Reservations" tab at the top of the Home page.

2) Click on the "Cabins", "Camping", "Shelter" for whatever you are looking for.

3) Click any or all arrows needed in the search area on the left and choose the options you need. Don't forget to put in dates you want.

4) Available Facilities will show up on the right.

How do I pay for reservations?

Full payment is due when making a reservation with these credit cards only: Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express.

When can I make reservations?

Anytime day or night on this website. Cabins and Cottages can be reserved 2 years in advance. Camp sites and Shelters can be reserved 1 year in advance. On-line reservations must be made a minimum of 5 days prior to arrival.


How do I make a reservation?

You must have a user account and be logged in. The website gives you 12 minutes to enter your info and submit per facility before you will be timed out (the timer restarts for each facility if you are making multiple reservations)

1) From the Home Page go to "Counties" at the top (choose Adams). There are several ways to get to the facilities you are needing to reserve, this is the quickest...

2) Click "Facilities" on the left, choose the facility from the list.

3) Click "View Booking Details" on the right.

4) Click "Book Now"

5) Click the dates on the calendar you would like.

6) Click "Add to Cart".

7) Click "Check Out" after you have made sure this is what you want or "Continue Shopping", you may add as many facilities needed to your cart before you check out. Facilities are not locked in as yours until they are paid for at check out.

8) Enter all information required into the boxes.

9) Read the Rental Agreement and check the boxes provided.

10) Click "Submit" and print a copy for your records, bring it with you when you arrive at facility.

How do I cancel a reservation?

All facility reservations are final, you will forfeit all reservation fees paid as per "Rental Agreement"

You may change reservation dates (max of 2 times) if done at least 7 days before your the office to make changes, this cannot be done by you on-line.

Park Office: 641-322-4793 during business hours (Monday-Friday  7:30AM to 3:30PM)

Where are the keys to my cabin/cottage?

There are 3 Cabin Key Stations in the Campground. Find the self check-in padlock key station near the parking closest to your cabin, find your cabin # and use your Lock Box Code on your reservation receipt to unlock the padlock to retrieve your keys. Please leave one key in the box at all times. In the winter off season your cabin may be unlocked and the cabin keys inside the cabin for your check-in arrival if they are not in the Lock Box.

Cottages will be unlocked for your check-in arrival time and the keys are on the kitchen counter for use during your stay.                              

Please leave your keys where you found them when you check out.

Call the Park Office if you loose any of your keys. You may be charged a fee up to $100 for willful damage, theft or loss of keys.


How do I change a reservation?

You may change reservation dates up to two times. NO changes will be made within 7 days of your reservation arrival, call the office to have your dates cannot be done by you on-line.


Can I drive my golf cart in the park?

Golf cart, UTV and ATV use is prohibited. Only licensed vehicles are allowed on roadways.

Are pets allowed?

Lake Icaria is a pet friendly environment...

Pets are NOT allowed in restrooms. Please, for the safety of your pet and others, keep ALL pets tethered or kenneled at ALL times. Be a responsible pet owner and considerate of others by keeping pets quiet and mannerly as well as cleaning up after them. Failure to comply will result in request to remove pet from the area.

Persons with severe allergies should be aware that pets are allowed in cabins. An additional pet fee of $10 per night per Cabin or $25 per night per pet for Cottages (no refunds) should be paid for when making your reservation by checking the appropriate box. DO NOT leave pets loose and/or unattended inside or outside of the cabin or cottage.

If you have not paid for your pet/s when making the reservation... the fee will be collected by park staff after you have arrived and you will be charged the REGULAR FEE PLUS an extra $10 more per night for Cabin users and an extra $10 more per night per pet for Cottage users.