Black Hawk Creek Greenbelt

This park, just north of Hudson, consist of 359 acres open to public hunting.  The park runs from the Highway 58 access to Shaulis Road.  Flood plain woodlands with a few acres of upland timber dominate this landscape. The area provides habitat for many game and non-game species.  Silver Maple, Cottonwood, American Elm, and Green Ash dominate bottom land/floodplain forest sites such as you would find in the Black Hawk Creek Greenbelt.  The area adjacent to a stream is called a riparian area. The tree species you find here have root systems that can withstand prolonged periods of time under water which often occurs in the Greenbelt area.

Park boundaries may not be clearly marked in all locations within the park so please be aware of park boundaries and respect private property.


The Greenbelt has two public access points.  One public access point is a parking lot north of Hudson on Highway 58.  Currently there are no signs posted at the public access.  There is another entrance and parking area off of West Shaulis road; however, the immediate area off of the parking IS NOT open to public hunting.  The access point off of Shaulis is part of the Katoski Greenbelt Wildlife Area and within the city limits.  It is recommended that hunters access the park from the access point off of Highway 58 just north of Hudson. 


Hunting in designated area
Nearby access to the bike trail
Bird watching
River access

States hunting and fishing regulations

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Black Hawk County Conservation
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The park is open from 6:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.