Franta Wildlife Area

The Franta wildlife area is composed of roughly 40 acres of upland forest with intermittent stretches of prairie.  Also within the park boundaries is a small pond created by an old rock quarry.  The area is composed of relatively sandy soil and the existence of the quarry could provide fossil specimens.  Although the park is one of the smaller public hunting areas in the park system, it does provide habitat for white tailed deer and turkeys as well.  The Franta Wildlife Area and the Edgerton Reserve are split into two separate parks by Spring Creek Road.  The park contains floodplain forest species such as silver maple, cotton woods and walnut trees.  In addition there are intermittent hardwood species such as oak and sugar maple.

Hikers through the park will find the rock quarry pond an interesting site with its limestone walls and plenty of vegetation surrounding the pond.  Wildflowers and other forms of prairie vegetation found in the park will make a hike through the park very interesting and provide interesting back-drops for those interested in photography.
Bird watchers can encounter a variety of songbird species and during times of migration, the wetlands may provide the necessary stop over for ducks and geese.

Park boundaries may not be clearly marked in all locations within the park so please be aware of park boundaries and respect private property.


The park is 2.5 mi. south of Jesup on Spring Creek Rd. 


Rock quarry pond
Bird watching
Parking (off of Spring Creek Road)

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