Info related to the Marina located at Casino Beach in Storm Lake will be available here.

Marina Update and Slip Space Info

As you may have heard through local media outlets, Buena Vista County and Buena Vista County Conservation Board (BVCCB) has signed a Temporary Management Agreement with the IDNR to manage and maintain the Marina in Storm Lake through the end of 2024. The Agreement was signed by the IDNR on 3/25/24 and keys were given to BVCCB on 3/27/24, with the process of transferring utilities still ongoing. Buena Vista County and BVCCB will continue to discuss full transfer of ownership of the marina with the IDNR, however, finalization of the transfer will take time. The Temporary Agreement will allow for BVCCB to administer slip rentals, mow, maintain the landscape, as well as provide for public restrooms for this open water season.

The Conservation Board is in development of a Slip Rental Agreement that we hope to have completed as soon as possible, it will be available for you to sign at the same time as making payment for your 2024 slip space. Additional information about the Slip Rental Agreement and when/where you can make your payment will be shared with you in the near future

In the meantime, now that BVCCB has keys, we hope to quickly assess the current condition of the facility and make any necessary repairs so we can administer slip rentals, maintain the area, and provide restroom access for the 2024 season.

 More information will be forthcoming.

For any questions, please contact our office at the phone number listed in the letterhead or email

Link to presentation from 1/25/24

Link to Report on Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing issues at facility

Link to Engineering report on facility

Email Link to submit Questions