Redtail Ridge Habitat Area

Red Tail Ridge Habitat Area was purchased by the county in 1980 with assistance from Wildlife Habitat Stamp funds. Portions of the area lie on both the east and west sides of the Little Sioux River south of County Road C44 approximately 4 miles south of Cherokee, Iowa. Parking and trail access are available only on the east side. The area is undeveloped and open to hunting during all state regulated hunting seasons. Camping and fires are not permitted.

Approximately 1.85 miles of trails are mowed and maintained at Red Tail Ridge. The trails are popular among birdwatchers, hikers and cross-country skiers. The northern portion of the area is a former gravel pit containing small, shallow wetlands and grasslands that provide excellent pheasant hunting. The remainder of the area is flood plain timber, containing many silver maples, cottonwoods and walnut trees, and upland timber, mostly oak-hickory forest with hackberry and elm. Several small prairie and savanna remnants are found near the ridge top on the eastern boundary.

Fishing opportunity includes nearly one mile of Little Sioux River access. Local residents recall a “fish trap” or weir built of stone in this portion of the river, where indigenous tribes and early settlers did their fishing. The area was often traveled and well-populated by indigenous people prior to European settlement.


1592 580th St.
Cherokee, Ia 51012