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Pinewood Shelter - half day

29862 Osborne Road
Ph: 563-245-1516
Elkader, IA, 52043
Pinewood Shelter contains six tables, nearby pit toilets and one electrical outlet.


Pinewood Shelter is located near the turkey pen and the maintenance shop.


This shelter is located near the Native Animal Exhibit and contains six tables, nearby pit toilets, drinking water and one electrical outlet.
Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Handicap Accessible
Pet Friendly
Picnic Table
Pressurized water
Refuse cans


Half-day rental (4 hrs or less) $20
Full-day rental (4+ hrs) $40
Wedding $100 plus a clean up deposit of $100
Alcohol deposit $100

Hours of Operation & Seasons

The shelter is available all seasons in accord with park hours.


The park and facilities close at 10:30 pm.


Reservations may be made by telephone, in person, by mail, e-mail, or on the My County Parks online reservation system. 

The fee for Pinewood Shelter is $20 for half day use or $40 for a full days use. If alcohol is on-site, a $100 alcohol use guarantee deposit must be paid by separate check. This deposit will be refunded providing no problems result due to the presence of alcohol. All receipts must be in the possession of the "responsible person" during the event and made available to the Park Ranger upon request.