Horseshoe Bend Wildlife Area

Winter Sports Area
Winter Sports Area
Little Sioux River
Equestrian and walking trails

This 180 acres of preserved land offers an extensive trail system winding through the river valley of the Little Sioux River, as well as upland forest, meadows, marshes and oxbow ponds. Find out more on our website

Horseshoe Bend is full of wildlife. Step into the oak savanna, and you’ll hear all kinds of the songs of birds, the honk of geese, the rustle of small mammals and the plunk of frogs jumping into the Little Sioux River and its oxbows. Watch the mud for tracks of what has been around — is it deer, with their easily identifiable hooves? How about raccoons and their prints like little hands? Do you see the long tracks of bounding rabbit feet?


These diverse habitats are host to a number of creatures including deer, beaver, woodpeckers, songbirds and raptors. Facilities include a warming shelter with a spectacular river valley outlook, a playground, wildlife viewing blind, aesthetic footbridge spanning the river, modern bathroom facilities, and a picnic area.

Other opportunities include hunting, fishing, canoeing, horseback riding and geocaching. For information on renting the enclosed shelter or the open shelter, call 712-338-4786.

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