Can you stay in a reservable site without a reservation?

Campsites that are reservable can be stayed in on a night by night basis. The reservations will be posted at the campsite minimum of 5 days before the party is set to stay at the site they reserved. 

How many campsites are reservable online?

There are 22 campsites spread throughout the park that are reservable online. 8 are on the west lakeside, 6 on the east lakeside, and the remaining 8 are in a grass loop on the southeast side of the park.

Do You Have Full Hookups?

No. We provide 30/50 amp electric hookups only. There is a sanitary dump station on site with water available to fill up campers.

How do you reserve a campsite?

To reserve a campsite at Spring Lake you must visit www.mycountyparks.com and search Spring Lake park in the search bar. After locating Spring Lake park you can view 20 different campsites available to reserve. Each campsite has a view availability button to view the dates that are reserved or available. After locating a campsite or date you wish to stay, you must create a profile to complete your reservation. You can only reserve the campsite a minimum of 5 days in advance of the date you are wishing to stay. (e.g. to reserve campsite #5 for 7/27/19 you must purchase your reservation 5 days before on 7/22/19).

General Questions

Where Can I Get Firewood

Concessions stand located at the beach has on site wood bundles for sale.

When do facilities close and reopen for the season?

Facilities/ dump station will be closed the week of October 15th and won't reopen until the following year the week of May 15th.

When is Water Available and Bathrooms Open?

Water and showerhouses are available every year between May 15th through October 15th. Water and the dump station will be winterized and shut off after each season on October 15th.

Reserving a Facility

How Do I Reserve a Shelter or Cabin?

To reserve a shelter or a cabin you must book on the facility page of this website.


Does Spring Lake Allow UTV's, golf carts, 4-wheelers, or any side-by-side?

It shall be unlawful to operate any all terrain vehicle, golf cart, or any other land conveyance propelled by a gasoline or electrical engine and run on wheel, tracks or runners, in any park or area. Only vehicles legally licensed for road use are authorized on public roadways in the parks.

Can I bring/ride horses at Spring Lake?

No. Under Chapter 350.5 section 13 of the Code of Iowa, the use of horses restricted: it shall be unlawful to ride, lead or otherwise allow entry of horses in trails, roads, campgrounds, beaches, and picnic areas.

Are Fireworks Allowed at Spring Lake?

No. Under Iowa Code Section 461A.42 - use of firearms, explosives, weapons, and fireworks prohibited. The use of consumer fireworks or display fireworks is unlawful. A person violating this section is guilty of a simple misdemeanor punishable as a scheduled violation and will be fined.

Can you metal detect in the park or wildlife areas?

Yes! You can metal detect throughout our parks and wildlife areas as long as you do not disturb the natural state of the park or wildlife area. You cannot destroy, or remove any plant material, rocks, or dirt in any Greene County areas. (I.e.) You can dig up any object within the beach, but you cannot dig up grass sod in any campground or wildlife area or remove plants in any park.

Can I stay at a campsite for longer than 2 weeks?

No. Long term camping is not offered in any way. Campers shall vacate the campground after 14 nights for minimum 24 hours upon return.