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History of the Hancock County Conservation Board

In 1955 the Iowa State Legislature passed a law allowing counties to establish county conservation boards to create more recreation opportunities for the residents of the State of Iowa. The Hancock County Conservation Board was established by a vote of the Hancock County residents in 1959.  The Hancock County Conservation Board consists of five county resident citizens that are appointed by the county supervisors to set forth policies on the acquisition and development of various county-owned/ managed areas for the benefit of the county's inhabitants and its guests. Since its establishment in 1959, the conservation board has become owners/ managers of several public areas, together totaling over 1,200 acres!

Cale Edwards, Executive Director. 
 Email: cale.edwards@hancockcountyia.org
 Phone (641) 923-2720

Connor Bailey, Park Ranger.
 Email: connor.bailey@hancockcountyia.org
 Phone: (641) 924-2186

Jason Lackore, Naturalist.
 Email: jason.lackore@hancockcountyia.org
 Phone: (641) 923-2720

Hancock County Conservation Board Members
Matt Schoneman, President - Garner
Dan Stromer, Vice President. – Klemme
Tad Hartwig – Garner
Jane Cook, Sec. - Britt
Todd Young - Garner

Mission Statement

“The Hancock County Conservation Board is committed to preserving and maintaining our natural resources and to providing outdoor recreation and environmental education in Hancock County.”