Hardin City Woodland

Nestled in the Iowa River Greenbelt you will find this unique and beautiful 24.5 acre state preserve. Hardin City Woodland offers a magnificent show of spring wildflowers and a large diversity of tree communities, which make it the perfect location for a scenic hike or picnic. Stream fishing is available along the banks of the Iowa River and the area is open for public hunting. 


*A Note on State Preserves: “State preserves are dedicated for the permanent protection of significant natural and cultural features. Most are open to hiking and photography. Many preserves are also wildlife management areas, purchased with hunting license fees and are open to hunting, fishing, and trapping. These preserves are posted as public hunting areas - please observe all posted rules. Activities prohibited on most preserves include; driving of motor vehicles, camping, fires, horses, removal of or damage to plants, animals, and other natural materials and archaeological and other cultural materials. “


  • Hunting
  • Stream Fishing, Iowa River
  • Primitive Area: Timber
  • State Preserve

Operating Hours & Seasons

Hours: 5:30 A.M. - 10:30 P.M.