Lepley Park

This park sits on 9 acres of land and is a public park with beautiful timber, picnicking, vaulted restrooms, and wildlife area.

Three men from Union were appointed to find a suitable boulder for the proposed memorial tablet to be erected in the park. They found one in a pasture, north of Union. While the snow and ice were still on the ground they hauled the boulder by sled to the area. They placed the boulder so it was in plain view from the railroad car windows and the Rainbow highway right of way.

Not many years prior to 1920 the Tama Indians used this location for their wigwams during their period of hunting and basket weaving.

In March, 1920 a log cabin was built. It was 14 x 18 feet in size with 2 windows in the north and a door with a narrow window at the south end. The floor was of cotton wood which was sawed from native timber, in fact everything about the cabin was native except the shingles. In about 1999 the cabin was removed.

During the winter of 1968-1969 this area had the heaviest population of all types of wildlife of any of the county parks.


This park is located 1 ½ miles north of Union on the west side of co. Highway S62.


9 acres of timber provide the public with hunting access.

Operating Hours & Seasons

Opens at 6:00 A.M. and closes at 10:30 P.M.