Mann Wilderness Area

The Mann Wilderness property doubles as a county conservation area and a State Preserve, based on its unique scenic and biological qualities. At 107 acres, Mann Wilderness lives up to its name. Native stands of oak and hickory forest tower over park users as they walk the gentle ridge top trail, flanked on both sides by steeply sloping ravines which house deer, turkey, songbirds, and predators. Native pockets of paper birch will remind you of the north woods, as will a forest of tall pine trees on the flat uplands which was planted on land formerly used for row crop production.


Mann Wilderness is located at the end of a dead end road (160th Street roughly 7 miles north of Steamboat Rock)


Deer, turkey, songbirds, and predators are for the hiker delight. Hunting, hiking and wildlife viewing are the primary uses of this area. Hunting, hiking, and wildlife viewing are the primary uses of Mann Wilderness area.