Oakland Mills Nature Center

River Habitat

For a day of family entertainment at its best, make tracks for the Oakland Mills Nature Center and Park. Our nature center is different than most. This is the place to discover what the rest of the park has to offer. Learn about the Skunk River Valley and the varieties of plants and animals in this area. Discover how each species of wildlife interacts with its habitat, and test your knowledge of nature by experiencing the exhibits. Whether they test your sense of touch or your knowledge of the weather, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much these exhibits can teach you. When you feel ready to practice what you learned, step outside to experience it all first hand throughout the park. Come discover wildlife such as raccoons, deer, hawks, owls, squirrels, and many others in their natural habitat. In addition to wildlife, you may observe or participate in various other activities on the grounds such as camping, canoeing, fishing, boating, admiring the spillway, or hiking the nature trails. Hope to see you soon with your walking shoes, camera, and your sense of adventure for a full day of excitement at the Oakland Mills Nature Center and Park.


The Oakland Mills Nature Center is located in Oakland Mills Park, Top-of-Hill Area.

2591 Nature Center Drive

Mt. Pleasant, Iowa 52641



Oakland Mills County Park is home to live animals with permanent disabilities which prevent them from being released back into the wild. All the raptors are available for live programs on or off-site. 

With the help of our sponsors, we are able to take care of two barred owls, two red-tailed hawks, one rough-legged hawk, a red fox, kestral hawk and two vultures. In return for sponsorships, each sponsor's name is printed on signs at the display cages; and are recognized at live programs. All gift amounts are accepted. For more information, contact Danika at 319-986-5067.


Barred owl sponsors: Sharon Barton; Todd Brereton and Lori Muntz; Dane and Chaley Cook; John and Mary Ann Freeland; Richard and Elizabeth Garrels; Henry County Nature Society; Duane and Joni Maxwell; Kenny Morrison Memorial; Real Estate by Waters; Ralph and Helen See; Steffensmeier Surveying; Terry J. Vlademar; Winfield Elementary School; Hy Vee Drug Store; and Alexandria Rowe.

Red-tailed hawk sponsors: Electronic Engineering Co.; David McCoid; Dan Peterson; Ralph and Helen See; and Paulette Shappell.

Rough-legged hawk sponsors: Dick and JoAnn Corell; Henry County Democrats; Bruce and Bertha King; Genevieve McCabe; Pat and Brenda McCabe; Jim and Doris Onorato; Ralph and Helen See; Deborah Fisher Vroom; and and Drs. Steve, Mary and Matthew Wettach.

Red fox sponsors: Owain Bennett; Pam Bennett; Chayse Conrad; Penny Creech; Jeff and Maggie Epperson; Gabe Featherstun; Friends of Conservation in Henry County; In Memory of Camellia Hill; Iris Dental P.C.; Annie James; Tristan Keomanivong; Jerry, Betty, and Buster Krieger; Mike Prottsman; Ralph and Helen See; Jared and Cole Smith; John and Debra Wiberg; Rob, Kat, and Rhett Zeglen.

American Kestral Sponsors: Mike and Alissa Weatherbee; Jake and Sarah Virden.

Turkey Vulture Sponsors: Two Rivers Bank and Trust; Patricia Richenberger.

Operating Hours & Seasons

Nature Center Hours: Saturdays 9:00 a.m.- noon from mid-April through mid-October. Contact the Conservation Department Offices at (319) 986-5067 to schedule other appointments.