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Oakland Mills Park

Canoeing & Kayaking Canoeing & Kayaking at Oakland Mills Park
The Conservation Boards of Henry, Jefferson, Keokuk and Washington County and the Jefferson County Trails Council, hope the Skunk River Water Trail will entice more people into enjoying the natural resources of the Skunk River corridor in southeast Iowa. The real natural beauty of the Skunk River can be enjoyed best by navigating the river in a motor boat, canoe or kayak. After the North and South Skunk River join just south of Sigourney, the river meanders freely for most of its 100 miles through farmland and wooded areas until it joins the Mississippi River. Make sure you take along your fishing pole and bait. The Skunk River is notoriously known for it’s excellent fishing. The shoreline of nearly every stretch and bend of the river is littered with fallen trees, creating excellent habitat for channel catfish, flathead catfish, freshwater drum and carp.The Skunk River, as any river, should be enjoyed with caution and great respect. After heavy rains, the river can rise rapidly resulting in strong currents and floating debris causing dangerous situations. Be respectful of the river, others who use it, and the people who live along its shores. Please dispose of refuse properly and wear your life jacket!
Disc Golf Disc Golf at Oakland Mills Park

Riverview Disc Golf Course: Located in the Virden Area, this course begins the disc golfer's "round" at Oakland Mills Park.

Woodland Disc Golf Course: This course is considered as the "Back 9" to the Riverview Disc Golf Course, located in the Virden Area of Oakland Mills Park

Trails & Hiking Trails & Hiking at Oakland Mills Park
The CODE Trail is the newest trail in the Top-of-Hill Area. Overlapping with the Self-Guided Nature Trail and the Woodland Disc Golf Course, the CODE trail incorporates the use of your smart phone with a hiking experience.