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Uhlenhopp Arboretum

Cabins Cabins at Uhlenhopp Arboretum

Stay at our beautifully constructed cabin and wake up to the sounds of nature. Enjoy groomed trails for hiking or fishing in one of the 7 ponds on the property.


Elliot Uhlenhopp’s wish was that his 250-acre arboretum be gifted to Jasper County Conservation. He reminded others, “The world needs more trees; plant as many as you can,” and this is just what he did! JCC accepted his generous donation and has worked to create a natural area full of trails winding through prairie, timber, wetlands and 7 ponds, each named for a day of the week. He also built the beautiful cabin that is now available for rental as a place to come out and be one with nature.  


FALL COLORS FALL COLORS at Uhlenhopp Arboretum
Check out the beautiful fall colors at Uhlenhopp Arboretum!