Cangleska Wakan

The County's newest acquisition shares a boundary with the 80-acre wooded Big Grove Preserve owned and managed by the Bur Oak Land Trust. Much of the new County and Big Grove Preserve lands are remnants of the open woodlands and savanna that intertwined with Iowa's prairie 200 years ago. Today, the large oaks and hickories throughout the woodland house a great diversity of wildlife.

Along with high quality woodland, the site features four hand-built round barns, an outdoor amphitheater, a stone archway, a labyrinth, a local foods operation and a restored caboose. A trail system winds through the woods, covering over 4 miles in conjunction with the trails through Big Grove Preserve.




Address: 4045 245th St. NE, Solon, IA 52333

Operating Hours & Seasons

The area opens to visitors 1/2 hour before sunrise and closes at 10:30 PM, year round.