Grant Wood Trail

Grant Wood Trail

The Linn County Trails Association gifted the trail, a former railway line,  to Linn County Conservation in 2005, with the expectation of future development of a trail corridor to Jones County as funding became available. 

The Grant Wood Trail is located off of Highway 13 near Marion's Waldo's Rock Park.  An underpass under the four lanes of Highway 13 connects with new trails coming east out of Marion. The trail will be hard surfaced in summer of 2022 to Oxley Road.  Engineering and study is taking place on future connectivity to the east. 

For more information visit the Grant Wood Trail page on the official Linn County Conservation website. 




The Grant Wood Trail is located off of Hwy 13, near the intersection of Hwy 151 near 62nd street. 


A prehistoric bog can be found in the western section just east of Waldo's Rock Park

Operating Hours & Seasons

4 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.