Grant Wood Trail

Grant Wood Trail

The Grant Wood Trail was gifted to the Conservation Board by the Linn County Trails Association in 2004. The parcel is a former Milwaukee Road railroad right-of-way from Marion to Martelle, IA.  The Linn County Conservation board is working on creating a contigious 10 mile stretch.

An underpass was created under Highway 13 which provided connectivity from downtown Marion to the east.  The trail is hard surfaced to this park and then a limestone screening surface for the next 3.5 miles along with a turf shoulder.  This section is expected to be hard surfaced in late 2022.


The Grant Wood Trail is located off of Hwy 13, near the intesection of Hwy 151 near 6303 Partners Ave, Marion. 



A prehistoric bog can be found in the western section just east of Waldo's Rock Park

Operating Hours & Seasons

4 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.