1914 Built Convict Road - at River Forks

Convict Road

The 1914 Build Convict Road is a  1.5 mile road, built with convict labor from the Anamosa Men's Reformatory, completed in 1914, through what was described as an "impassable bank of sand!" Where it was often difficult for tires to make it through the soft sand.  It was one of the first concrete roads build in a rural area, in the nation. 


The Convict Road stretches from HWY 92 about a mile East of the (current) Iowa River Bridge.  Directional signage can be found on HWY 92 that will lead you to the interpretive signage and the 4-post to represent the 4 registered highways that all came together in this location for a bridge crossing of the Iowa River. The road is mostly considered to be on secondary roads (although a portion of the road is privately owned).  The road leads from HWY 92 to the River Forks Boat Landing on the Iowa River.


This 104+ year old road has stood the test of time! A book titled, "Sands of Time, Louisa Convict Road" was compiled by Tom Woodruff, a local historian.  It is a collection of stories, verse, history, romance, adventure and humor.  It's worth the read.

Operating Hours & Seasons

Open year-round from 6:00 am - 10:30 pm, simply drive through and enjoy the interpretive signs.