Linn Creek Recreational Trail

The Linn Creek Recreational Trail connecting the Grimes Farm to Marshalltown's bike trail system was completed in 2005,  This trail uses the Linn Creek Greenway, a natural vegetation corridor, to connect activity sites.    The trail and several short loops link areas that provide a variety of outdoor diversions: camping at Riverview Park, the Nicholson-For Wetlands and OHV Park, the Marshalltown Family Aquatic Center, adult softball and Little League diamonds, playgrounds and picnic areas, and the GrimesFarm and Conservation Center.  Trail users can observe views of river bottom timberland and marshes, as well as prairie grasses and wildflowers.  

Recently, the trail was connected to the Highway 30 trail and the Heart of Iowa Trail at Rhodes. 

Linn Creek Recreational Trail  
Miles Riverview to Marion St.                                   1.9 miles
Marion (Nicholson-Ford) to Main St.                       0.9 miles
Main St. to Center St.                                                1.28 miles
Center St to Sixth St.                                                  0.6 miles
Sixth Street to 12th St.                                               0.7 miles
12th St to Morris Park                                                .06 miles
Morris Park to Grimes Farm                                      2  miles
Linear Trail                                                                  7.98   miles

Grimes Farm to Melbourne approx 14 miles  


Hard surfaced trail from Riverpark in Marshalltown to GrimesFarm and Conservation and then connects to the Highway 30 trail.