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Fairview Wildlife Complex

Fishing Fishing at Fairview Wildlife Complex
There is a small farm pond located in the north portion of this area.  Bring your lunch with you an enjoy an afternoon hike back to this area.
Geocaching Geocaching at Fairview Wildlife Complex
This high tech scavenger hunt is a great way to visit and explore the Fairview Wildlife Complex. There is a free geocaching app found in your smart phones app store or register online and use your handheld GPS unit.

Note: The SCCB does not place or maintain these geocaches, they are by volunteer leadership only.
Hunting Hunting at Fairview Wildlife Complex

This park offers both native prairie and timber providing habitat to wildlife of all kinds.  

Other Activities Other Activities at Fairview Wildlife Complex
With 430 acres of timber and prairie there is much to explore and do year round.  This area provides a great spot to enjoy an afternoon of bird watching, fishing, exploring, hunting and much more.  Or pack a lunch and make a day out of it.
Picnicking Picnicking at Fairview Wildlife Complex
Pack the picnic basket or cooler and bring a blanket along and enjoy an afternoon picnic at the Fairview Wildlife Complex.  With plenty of space to explore this area will provide your family with a chance to connect and enjoy watching the wildlife and eating your packed lunch.
Trails & Hiking Trails & Hiking at Fairview Wildlife Complex
With 430 acres of land to explore one can spend a day blazing your own trail as you hike through the timber and prairie.  Bring a GPS along and do some geocaching while you are exploring or use it to track your way.  
Winter Activities Winter Activities at Fairview Wildlife Complex
The Fairview Wildlife Complex offers 430 acres to explore during all seasons.  During the winter months break out the snowshoes or cross country skis and enjoy an afternoon of exploration.  This area is located off of a gravel road and parking lots are not cleared during the winter months.