Hickory Hills Park

Hickory Hills offers a unique blend of natural and historical resources.  There are many stories to be told here.  This area is as rich in human history as it is in natural beauty.  This 160 acres of rolling timber and open fields reveal the secrets of its past through clues that are still visible today.


23752 Highway 69
New Virginia, IA 50210

Hickory Hills Park is located 13 miles south of Indianola on US Highway 69, just south of Medora and the intersection of Highway G76.

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The park features a primitive camping area, a small pond, trails, a large shelter with a raised deck, and an old homestead site that includes the original storm cellar, farmhouse foundation and barn with a concrete floor and electricity added for park user convenience.  A series of Indian mounds are also in the park.

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Operating Hours & Seasons

Park hours are 6:30 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.