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Woodland Mounds Preserve

Education Education at Woodland Mounds Preserve
Warren County Conservation Board Naturalists provide education programs for every age group, school, civic organization or scout group. Call 515-961-6169 to schedule a program or find out about upcoming programs in the county.
Historic Visits Historic Visits at Woodland Mounds Preserve
A group of Native American Indians known as the Woodland Indians once called this area home.Over 200 years ago they lived along the banks of the South River. they shaped tools from chert, molded pottery from clay mixed with grit, hunted the abundant game and gathered food from the land. There are many conical-shaped burial mounds located ton the trail. It is believed that when people of high status in the tribal unit died, their bodies were placed on ridge tops above the riverside campsites and large earthen mounds were constructed over them. While the bones have long since decayed, the mounds still tell us that this spot was recognized as a sacred place many years ago.
Hunting Hunting at Woodland Mounds Preserve
Woodland Mounds Preserve contains 185 acres of timber that provides habitat for many types of woodland wildlife. If is part of one of the largest continuous stands of timber remaining in the county. The area was purchased in by the Warren County Conservation Board in 1981 with assistance from a grant from the Wildlife Habitat Stamp Fund, a pool of money available to on a competitive basis to county conservation boards funded through the of Wildlife Habitat Fee, a fee required with the purchase of an Iowa hunting license. Warren County has been fortunate to use this very competitive grant program to purchase four tracts of land. An additional 140 acres have been leased, bringing the total acreage open to the public on this area to 325.
The area is used for school field trips in the spring and early fall, has an extensive trail system and is open to hunting within the rules and regulations set forth by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.
Other Activities Other Activities at Woodland Mounds Preserve
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Picnicking Picnicking at Woodland Mounds Preserve
Woodland Mounds offers a beautiful shaded picnic area near the parking lot of the park. There is a  pedestal cooking grill and great fire ring.
Trails & Hiking Trails & Hiking at Woodland Mounds Preserve
There is a special sense of timelessness in the timber at Woodland Mounds Preserve. The unique qualities of this beautiful wooded ridge above South River have been recognized by inhabitants of this county for thousands of years. The park features a winding trail meanders the back of the park, passing by the Woodland Indian mounds and then loops back. The loop is approximately 3.0 miles round trip.