Clemons Creek Wildlife and Recreational Area


The Clemons Creek Wildlife and Recreation Area is a great collaborative project of 290 acres.  With such community support, this area provides multiple opportunities for hunter, wildlife enthusiasts, and hikers.  Development and funding for Clemons Creek has been supported by the Fish and Wildlife Service, Ducks Unlimited, DNR Habitat Stamp Grant, Izaak Walton League, Pheasants Forever, and the Wild Turkey Federation.

Clemons Creek hosts a wide variety of habitats: grasslands, prairie remnants, wet prairie, upland and lowland timber, and cropland.  In the eastern portion is a large marsh.  Although several game fish may be found in the marsh, it is not a fishery and good-sized fish should not be expected to be found there. Mostly bullhead and carp inhabit the marsh.  The high wildlife diversity is a reflection of this wide range of habitat types.

Hunting is permitted on this property. Populations of deer, squirrel, pheasant, turkey and waterfowl can be found here.

Nongame species can also be enjoyed in this area. Listen for the warbling song of the wren or catch the flash of the deep blue of the indigo bunting. A frog serenade will soothe the ears as the sweet smell of spring flowers tantalizes the nose.

Habitat and timber improvements are an ongoing process for this wildlife and recreational area. Several wetlands and a pond have been added.  Watch the progress of the oak seedlings as they grow over the years. Be sure to look for new features as time passes on.

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2 miles west of Washington.  Take G38 to Kiwi Ave.  Go north on Kiwi and take the first gravel right.


The Clemons Creek Wildlife and Recreational Area features extremely diverse habitat, especially for its size.  Don't miss this one!

Outdoor activities at Clemons Creek. Including:

Cross Country Skiing
Shooting Range**
Archery Range**

**Certification for the Range must be obtained by Washington County Conservation Board staff prior to using the ranges.  Contact Randi for more information
(319) 657-2400