Crumbacher Wildlife Area

Visitors to Crumbacher Wildlife Area are never at a loss for something new to do. The large prairie and forested areas provide hours of enjoyment for hiking or bird watching during the summer months and plenty of quality upland bird, turkey, and deer hunting in the winter. Beautiful landscapes and breathtaking scenery can be found throughout the 368 acres this area fills no matter the season. In addition, the wetland areas at Crumbacher provide habitat to a large variety of amphibians and waterfowl that are rarely found in other areas around Buchanan County. Major trails remain from year to year, but each year additional firebreaks are mowed in varying places that also make great hiking or riding routes.

Crumbacher is the perfect place for field trips for school or other youth groups because of its vast array of environmental and natural history teaching opportunities.


In western Buchanan County south of Hwy 20 and along Lime Creek this area is almost equally southeast of Jesup and southwest of Independence.

Northwest entrance 1490 240th St., Independence, IA 50644

North entrance 1498 240th St., Independence, IA 50644

Northeast entrance 1518 240th St., Independence, IA 50644

East entrance 2451 Gabriel Ave., Independence, IA 50644 .

Southeast entrance 1523 250th St., Independence, IA 50644

Southwest entrance 1505 250th St., Independence, IA 50644


Operating Hours & Seasons

Open year-round from 6:00 am to 10:30 pm.

BCCB Rules and Regulations