Frank Chapman Pellett Memorial Woods

 A 20 acre tract containing 8 acres of native woodland that was established as a wildflower preserve in 1908. It is known to contain over 120 species or plants. Some of which are marked along the trail. 
In the spring of 1907 Frank Pellett returned to Cass County with his wife and first two children.  He was planning to live his life as a naturalist and beekeeper.  Frank was concerned because many of the wildflowers that were abundant during his boyhood were threatened with extinction. After his death, the Iowa Horticultural Society and the Iowa Beekeepers Association dedicated the five acres Frank set aside in 1907 to his memory.  His children arranged with the Iowa State Preserves Advisory Board, to dedicate eight acres including five acres of the Memorial Woods as an Iowa State Preserve. On January 11, 1984 the Pellett's deeded 12 more acres to the state making a total of 20 acres in the Pellett Memorial Woods. Since 1987, the area has been owned by the State of Iowa and managed by the Cass County Conservation Board.  


Located 2 miles north and 3/4 of a mile east of Atlantic.
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  • 1/4 mile trail
  • Nature Study