Fayette County Conservation Office (Wildwood)

Wildwood Nature Center

The Main Office of the Fayette County Conservation Board Headquarters.
Fayette County Conservation Board

This location is also home to:
  • Wildwood Nature Center
  • Parks Department
  • Roadside Management Program


Four miles north of Fayette on Lincoln Road [State Highway 150], then 1 mile west on 190th Street [County Road C14], turn left onto Lane Road, turn left at the second driveway.

911 Address:
18673 Lane Road
Fayette, Iowa 52142


This 7 acrea area features:
  • Live Animal and Raptor Exhibit that houses Iowa Mammals and Birds of Prey, including an American Bald Eagle
  • Public Restrooms
  • Drinking Water

Operating Hours & Seasons

Office- 7:00AM-3:30PM

Live animal displays 6:00AM-10:30PM 


Open year round