Can I reserve a campsite?

Currently Lake Iowa Park Campground is a first come first serve campground. We generally only fill all sites on Memorial Day, Labor Day and Creepy Camping weekends. On those weekends we post remaining sites on our Lake Iowa Facebook page if it looks like we will fill up.

Is the Lake Iowa Park campground open?

The Lake Iowa campground is divided into 2 sections. Each section has a shower house. The front half of the campground remains open and electricity is on year round. The back half of the campground is open May through October. Electricity and water are shut off to the back half of the campground in mid-October. Shower houses are winterized and closed when temperatures drop below freezing.

General Questions

Where can I get a fishing license?

  • Ladora Stora, Ladora, IA
  • Swift's Hardware, Marengo, IA
  • Ace Hardware, Williamsburg, IA

or go online and pay with a credit card at https://gooutdoorsiowa.com/

I found an injured raptor. Who should I call?

Call RARE (Raptor Advocacy, Rehabilitation, and Education) located in Iowa City, Iowa.

To report an injured raptor: Call 319-248-9770.  If they are unable to take your call, please leave a message with your name and phone number. They monitor their phone messages and email several times a day, 8AM-6PM.

RARE seeks to enrich lives by engaging in and promoting responsible stewardship of the environment through education, research, and pro-active efforts to preserve wildlife.

Look them up at: http://theraregroup.org/.

Registering for an Event

When is Creepy Camping?

Our annual Creepy Camping weekend is held the last weekend in September. Campers may begin camping at their site 14 days before their planned check out date. If you plan to stay for the entire Creepy Camping weekend then you can set up camp on the Sunday 2 weeks before Creepy Camping. You may "reserve" a site by erecting a tent than an adult can sleep in on the site you want and pay for the nights the tent is there. If tents are not erected they will be removed and the site will be available to others.

Reserving a Facility

What do I need to do when I arrive for my cabin rental?

There is no registration process at Lake Iowa Park when you arrive for your cabin rental. During the online reservation process you selected a 4-digit code which you will use on the door handle keypad to open the door. If any problems arise during your reservation you can contact a ranger by calling  319-655-8465 during business hours or 319-529-9907 after hours.


Which Iowa County Conservation properties allow hunting to the public?

  • Gunderson Wildlife Area
  • Pheasant Ridge Wildlife Area
  • English River Wildlife Area
  • I-80 Wildlife Area
  • Big Bend Conservation
  • Butler Timber Reserve
  • Bertsler Woods
  • Simmons Timber Reserve
  • Schlesselman Wildlife Area

Lake Iowa Park has an annual deer hunt for registered hunters. Contact a park ranger for details.

Can I pick mushrooms in your parks?

You are allowed to pick mushrooms in any of our parks but, per our rules and regulations, collection of nuts, fruits or mushrooms for any commercial purpose is prohibited.(Q: Do we know where the good morel spots are? A: Yes. Q: Will we tell you? A: No)

Can I shoot fireworks off in your park?

Fireworks are not allowed in any Iowa County Conservation property at any time.