Big Bend Conservation Area

Big Bend Conservation Area

It is an excellent wildlife area that includes 250 acres of cottonwood-maple forest mixed with 70 acres of wetland.  Wildlife abounds in this area, including a great variety of waterfowl, beaver, otter, eagles, songbirds, deer and turkey. 

A park map can be found here.


The Big Bend Conservation Area is located just 2 miles northeast of Marengo, along the Iowa River Corridor.  Drive 1 mile north of Marengo on V-66, and two miles east on Hwy F-15.  An access road and parking area are provided as well as limited access to the river.


The area is open to hunting, fishing, hiking, bird watching and other outdoor activities.

Operating Hours & Seasons

6 A.M. - 10:30 P.M.


The road to the Iowa River is occasionally out due to flooding.