Cedar River Crossing

Cedar River Crossing Conservation Area is located six miles east of Solon, and just across the historic Sutliff Bridge from the hamlet of Sutliff. 

This 610-acre floodplain along the Cedar River is comprised of open riparian woodland, sand prairie, and a wetland complex. Oxbows and back-water channels meander through the wooded portions. Much of the non-natural area is undergoing restoration to prairie and wetland ecosystems.

This is an outstanding wildlife habitat area. Shelter belts and native grasses, which are very valuable to upland species, have been planted at key locations. Shallow water wetlands make this a very attractive area to waterfowl. It is home to a vast array of game and non-game species. Additional wetland development and enhancement is planned for this site.

This site is open to the public for hiking, fishing and hunting. The site is primitive, with no trails or restroom facilities.

The Cedar River Crossing also contains an historic site where Native Americans forded the Cedar River. The site is commemorated with a monument on adjoining private land.


*North Access* 5473 Sutliff Rd NE Solon, IA 52333

*South Access* 5398 160th St NE Solon, IA 52333