Buffalo Creek Natural Area

Buffalo Creek Natural Area

This 75 acre parcel was purchased by the Linn County Conservation Board in 2015 from the Barb Appleby estate. Financing for the purchase came from Linn County Conservation reserve funds and Iowa Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Habitat Stamp​ funds. This acquisition will create a new, separate wildlife management area open to hunting in the Linn County Conservation system.  The property has frontage on Buffalo Creek and therefore offers additional wildlife benefits due to the stream as well as the proximity to the creek.  Linn County Conservation's Natural Resources unit is first planting prairie in an area that previously had been row crops.  The pasture areas will be burned to see if native species return.  The low-lying areas will be considered for wetland development.  


One mile north of Coggon, Iowa, bordered on the west of Buffalo Creek.  Buffalo Creek Park, a 128-acre county owned and managed area, lies just west of this property on the west side of the creek.  

Address is: 1825 Coggon Rd. Coggon, Iowa


Increased wildlife habitat

Future planned development:  restorations (including oak savanna, prairie, wet meadow, and ox bow)

 nesting cover

 wildlife food plots

 tree/shrub planting

 native grasses