Palo Marsh Natural Area

palo marsh trail

Palo Marsh Natural Area
This 144-acre natural area bordering the Cedar River is part of the Cedar River Greenbelt. It is managed for wildlife and is open for hunting during season.

For hunting rules and regulations, please visit the Iowa DNR website.


Palo Marsh Natural Area is a wetland area west of Cedar Rapids and north of Palo at 2935 Palo Marsh Rd.  For a map, click here.


-  Bottomland timber
-  Man-made ponds and wetlands
-  Trails, mowed turf (0.6 mile)
-  Parking lot

-  Hunting
-  Fishing
-  Trapping
-  Hiking

Operating Hours & Seasons

4 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.