How do I reserve a campsite?

Unfortunately, none of our campsites can be reserved in advance; all sites are first come, first serve. The only exception to this rule is our free camping weekend (Halloween in Hillview) which is always the second weekend in October. 

When do the campgrounds open/close?

Our campgrounds open May 1st and close October 15th. We must close our campgrounds and drain the water from our facilities or the water pipes will freeze and break causing extensive damage. We are sorry in advance for any inconvenience this may cause but we DO close and open on these days even if the weather is beautiful before May 1st or after the October 15th. We simply cannot risk the damage a surprise freeze may cause. 

Is there firewood for sale at the campgrounds?

Yes, there is firewood for sale. Firewood is $5.00 per bundle. When you arrive at the campground, catch a ranger as he drives through and he will get you the firewood you need. If you have not seen a ranger drive through for a while, please call (712) 947-4271. 

General Questions

I cannot find the lake at Hillview!

There are two entrances to Hillview Recreation Area. One on the north side and one on the south side. The south entrance to Hillview is just west of Hinton on C60. The south side of the park is where you will find the Center for Outdoor Learning, Bur Oak and Beaver Creek campgrounds, the picnic shelter and the tubing hill. The physical address for the south side of the park is 25601 C60, Hinton, Iowa. The north entrance to the park is just a bit more difficult to find. The physical address is 25544 Wren Road  Hinton, Iowa. If you are currently at the south entrance and you would like to drive to the north entrance, simply leave the north side of the park, turn right (west) onto C60, drive for around a 1/2 mile and turn right (north) on K30, Drive for 1 mile and turn right (east) onto Wren Rd. The entrance to Hillview Recreation Area (north side) will be about a 1/4 of a mile down Wren rd. on your right (south). The north side of the park is where you will find the pond, beach, cabins and Deer Ridge Campground; this is also the side where hunting is allowed after October 15th. We have attached a link to a map that will be very helpful for getting to one side of the park to the other. 

Map of Park Entrances 

Is the tubing hill open?

The tubing hill at Hillview Recreation Area will be open on Saturdays and Sundays from 1-5 pm during the months of December, January, and February. We do not make our own snow, so if there is insufficient snow cover the hill will not operate. The cost is $5/person. You can always call 712-947-4270 to find out if the hill will be operating on a given day.

Reserving a Facility

How do I reserve a cabin or The Center for Outdoor Learning?

You can not simply print a reservation form/agreement from this site and mail it in, you MUST call us to reserve a cabin or The Center for Outdoor Learning. We must first check the availability of our facilities for you before we can accept a completed reservation form.  Please be aware you can rent our facilities NO MORE than a year in advance!

Follow these steps to reserve a facility:
1. Decide which dates and which facility you are interested in.  
2. Call us at (712) 947-4270 to check the availability of the facility
3. Print the rental agreement form for the facility you would like to rent (we are also willing to mail or email this form to you)
4. Fill the form out COMPLETELY, be certain that you have read it in its entirety. 
5. Mail or drop off  the completed form along with two separate checks, one for rental of facility and one for the security deposit of said facility.  If you choose to drop it off do so at The Center for Outdoor Learning in Hillview Park (Plymouth County Conservation, 25601 C60, PO Box 1003, Hinton, IA, 51024) Note: your reservation is not secured until you have paid both rent and security deposit.
6. We will confirm receipt of your rental form and checks in one of two ways: We will call the phone number on the form or email you if we have your email. 
Note: There are no refunds for rentals of the Center for Outdoor Learning so be certain that you are set on your date BEFORE you reserve it. 

I reserved a facility and now my plans have changed, what are the cancellation policies?

Cancelling a cabin reservation: 

If you must cancel your reservation, please call (712) 947-4270. If your cancellation is 30 days or more prior to the date reserved you will receive a full refund. If the date of your cancellation is less then 30 days prior to the date reserved, we will reschedule your reservation for another open date in the same cabin season. 

Cancelling a Center for Outdoor Learning reservation:

If you must cancel your reservation, please call (712) 947-4270. If you cancel your reservation, you will forfeit your security deposit (the security deposit WILL NOT be refunded) 

Cancellation of a tubing hill reservation:

PLEASE let us know by noon the day of your reservation if you have to cancel your tubing hill reservation. 

Can I reserve the tubing hill if I do not have at least 20 children attending?

Yes, you may. However, the rental fee will still be $100.00


Where can I hunt in Hillview Recreation Area?

Between October 15th and January 10th, the north side of the park becomes open for hunting. Please see the link for a map of the exact hunting locations in Hillview Park. 
In Hillview Park hunting areas, tree stands may be put up 7 days prior to Oct. 15th and left up until 7 days after the final day of that season.

Legal Hunting Areas in Hillview

What are the County Conservation Boards Rules and Regulations?

Please click the link to read the Conservation Boards rules and regulations. If you have any questions about the Boards rules, do not hesitate to contact us at (712) 947-4270. 

County Conservation rules and regulations