Larson Marsh

Larson Marsh is a 12-acre marsh that was acquired from Maurice and Ruth Larson in 1981. Prior to acquisition, the area was farmed. However, half of the site would regularly flood in the spring due to the presence of a large pothole.  

Assistance from the state's wildlife habitat stamp fund grant program allowed the conservation board to make wildlife habitat improvements on the area. The large pothole was deepened, and two islands were created within the pothole. Native prairie grasses and forbs were planted on the islands and other areas around the pothole.  

Today, the marsh is a public hunting area. No target practice is allowed.  Only non-toxic ammunition is allowed.

Public Hunting Brochure


SCC Rules and Regulations


The conservation board's Environmental Education Program also uses the marsh as an outdoor classroom.

Hiking, walking, bird watching, and several other activities are possible however we do not maintain trails nor do we have picnic tables or grills available.


59537 220th Street, Ames IA 50010

.5 miles west of 600th Avenue on 220th Street

Operating Hours & Seasons

Park Hours are 5:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. daily.


This area is open year round.