Wolf Creek Nature Trail

Wolf Creek Nature Trail begins at the north end of Gladbrook and extends 2.75 miles northwest along an abandon railroad right-of-way.
The trail surface is mostly crushed limestone with several stretches covered by asphalt. There are two pedestrian bridges and several resting benches along the trial.
Wolf Creek Trail links to the existing Comet Trail managed by the Grundy County Conservation Board. The combined trials run over nine miles in length and connect the cities of Gladbrook, Beaman, and Conrad, Iowa, including the Wolf Creek Recreation Area.

This trail is popular for walking, jogging, bicycle riding, and nature observation. During the winter try cross country skiing.
There are no motorized vehicles allowed on the trail; including OHV's and snowmobiles.


The trail head begins on the north end of Gladbrook directly behind the Tama County maintenance shop. Spring Creek Township, Section 9.


Parking lot is located on the back side (North) of the Tama County Maintenance shed.

Operating Hours & Seasons

Open 24 hours a day all year.
Snow is not removed during the winter months.