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Hickory Hills Park

Camping Camping at Hickory Hills Park
This area features a primitive camping area with 7 sites. Registration is required, but camping is provided at no cost. Reservations are not allowed.
Education Education at Hickory Hills Park
Warren County Conservation Board Naturalists provide education programs for every age group, school, civic organization or scout group. Call 515-961-6169 to schedule a program or find out about upcoming programs in the county.
Facility Rentals Facility Rentals at Hickory Hills Park
The barn and shelter are very popular for family reunions, scout outings and weddings. Call 515-961-6169 to get your event scheduled today!
Fishing Fishing at Hickory Hills Park
Enjoy a quiet afternoon of fishing at this small 1 acre pond.  Bass, blue gill, and catfish may be found here.
Historic Visits Historic Visits at Hickory Hills Park
A group of Native American Indians known as the Woodland Indians once called this area home.Over 200 years ago they lived along the banks of the Squaw Creek. they shaped tools from chert, molded pottery from clay mixed with grit, hunted the abundant game and gathered food from the land. There is a large conical-shaped burial mound located toward the north end of the park. It is believed that when people of high status in the tribal unit died, their bodies were placed on ridge tops above the riverside campsites and large earthen mounds were constructed over them. While the bones have long since decayed, the mound still tells us that the spot was recognized as a sacred place many years ago.

In the early 1900’s, the area that is now the picnic grounds was then an active farmstead. The old wooden barn that housed the family’s livestock still stands and helps us explain the farming practices of yesteryear. There are three sections to the foundation of the home that once stood. One part was stone, another brick and yet another poured concrete telling us there were three additions to the house. There is also a root cellar that served as the family’s storm shelter and food storage area. Just west of the farmstead is the remnants of the old stagecoach road that once connected Osceola to Indianola. It angled right past the house and barn. The Warren County Conservation Board purchased Hickory Hills in December of 1976 and has maintained it ever since.
Other Activities Other Activities at Hickory Hills Park

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Picnicking Picnicking at Hickory Hills Park
The barn and picnic shelter are available by reservation or on a first-come basis. Picnic tables are scattered throughout the park.
Trails & Hiking Trails & Hiking at Hickory Hills Park
Explore over 3 miles of trails through this unique park. This 160 acres of rolling timber and open fields reveal the secrets of its past through clues that are still visible today. Take a journey through the woodlands and transport yourself back in time by visiting the Indian burial mounds. Another trail takes you past the old barn and down to the pond.
Winter Activities Winter Activities at Hickory Hills Park
Hickory Hills can be enjoyed in the winter as well.  Explore the trails by cross-country skis, snowshoe or your own two feet.  The small pond is also great for ice-fishing.